So this is my first blog. I needed a place to collect my thoughts, share pictures of my family, and organize my craft to dos! Not sure how often I will use this but I will certainly give it a shot.

Well, to start, I have a 4 week old daughter named Lennon Ruth. She is AMAZING. She was born on Mother's day after 3 long days of labor and a few complications. She spent the first 7 days in the NICU but is healthier than ever now. I can't imagine my life without her. My husband and I are loving being new parents but its definetely an adjustment to our lifestyle.
Being a mom, and having a daughter, is better than I ever could have dreamed! All though she is very demanding (as all newborns are) and I am exhausted beyond belief, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. Its really changed the way I view my life, the world in general, and our future.
The other reason I started this blog is to organize my hobby. I have been crocheting off and on since I was 8 years old and over the last year I have really been obsessive about it. There are very few times you will see me without yarn and a hook. So on this blog I will be posting pics of finished projects to motivate myself to finish more, and keeping a running list of projects I am currently working on and projects that I will be starting. Hopefully, this will keep me more organized and avoid having my Works in Progress take over our house!
Thats about all from me for now. Have a fussy baby to tend to! (at 5 am none the less!)


  1. Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful!! My 3rd son was just born on July 18th so I know all too well how life changing babies can be and I coudnt be any happier!

    Welcome to the blog world, I'll check back to see if you've had time to post! Enjoy your baby girl!

  2. Beautiful baby!!!

    Time to update your blog!