So it has been, once again, WAY TOOO LONG since I have posted an update on my blog and so much has happened.
L is 15 mths old and AMAZING and BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL. She knows a bunch of sign language and is trying to say new words every day. She can tell you that a cow says "MMMMMMMMMO" and a dog says "pup pup puf fup" We recently got her a fish tank with a bunch of fish that she helps feed everyday. We had a boxer puppy for about a week but the dog was jealous of the baby and the baby was jealous of the dog and it was a constant battle. It just wasn't a good fit for our family so unfortunately the little guy had to go back to his mommy. Instead, we adopted a cat off of craigslist. Her name is "Quila" and she is the biggest cat I have ever seen! She took a while to get adjusted but now she is doing really well and really tolerating L's "snuggles"
A and I are both out of work right now for various medical reasons. It looks like he may be on permanent disability and I need to find a new career. I can't handle the stresses of corporate America anymore and I feel I really need to be home with my little girl. I am trying to take advantage of my "crafty" ability and make things to sell on Etsy, at craft fairs and farmer's markets, even dying yarn to sell. So far, its going really well. I have been making hats for a local photographer to use in her baby and kid shoots. In exchange, she did an awesome photo shoot of L for free! We did a swap basically. It worked out really well and we were both very happy with the outcome. I will post pics of L's photo shoot when I get them fully uploaded.
That's all for now. I still feel ambitious about making this blog into a place to organize my knitting and crocheted projects but alas, no time for that now. Maybe soon.....

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