11 in 2011

 Ravelry (if you haven't been there and you knit or crochet you really should go!) I am participating in a 11 projects in 2011 group.  I got to thinking today why not do the same for quilting? I've already picked 11 knit or crochet projects that I want to complete in 2011. These are projects that I have already started but need to finish and a few that I have been drooling over for a while. Some projects are quick and easy, instant gratification projects and others are more time intensive. This doesn't mean I won't do other projects as well but these 11 are my priority for the next year. I think it's a great motivator to complete some projects before starting new ones. And, as some of you know from previous posts, I have start-itis.

Project #1 for knitting: Juneberry Shawl by Jared Flood.  (Ravelry pattern page here if you are on Rav.) To clarify I've never knit lace before and my first project is not only a giant lace shawl, but a Jared Flood pattern no less. There have been a few hair raising moments so far,  but I'm already done with the body and am on to the knitted on border! I LOVE IT! Here are a few bad cell phone pics of my progress. (my camera isn't recognizing my memory card so crap photos it is!)

Body of Shawl pre blocking so you can't really see much.

Border of the shawl stretched out with the help of Adam so you can see the details. LOVE THIS!

My project list for quilts for 2011 isn't finished yet but here's what I have so far.
1. Finish binding on bright quilt for me.
2. Scrappy Coin Quilt (fabric cut but barely started piecing)
3. Friendship Braid quilt for L (again cut but barely piecing)
4. Coasters for the Pay it Forward Facebook project.
5. Geometric solid quilt for our King size bed.
6. Cheater modern double wedding ring (most fabric cut, sewing in progress)

I have a feeling I will start more than 11 projects this year, but finishing is another story. 

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