"Stuck" to this website....

Har har! My husband brought this website to my attention, and I thought I would share it with you crafty types.  It's called This to That (click-able).

It's a very basic, straight forward website that gives you advice on the best type of adhesive to use when sticking things together. For instance, from the fabric drop down menu I chose Fabric. The second drop down box I also chose Fabric just to see what my options were.

It gave me multiple options including ones that would avoid stiffness (SSSSHHH! I hear you giggling all the way over here!) and non toxic solutions. All of the results are click-able, and bring you to an index entry on the site that tells you the toxicity of the glue, the time it takes to adhere, and where it is available. Some index entries also give you an estimated price and related glues or adhesives.

This website is definitely getting added to my bookmarks, and will come in handy the next time I need to make something that I can't use the sewing machine or knitting needles!

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