Foto find Tuesday?

So I missed Fridays Flickr find this week but today I bring you some pics of fabric I've recently purchased.
First up, my fabric for a quilting bee I'm partaking in on Ravelry. Go LSG!

The solids and the stripes are sheets from Wal-Mart (I'm cheap. sorry) and the spanish tile and Route 66 prints are from Jo-Ann's.

Next up, 2 vintage sheets found at goodwill that I am IN LOVE with.

Coloring is a little off because of my flash but pretty good considering.

Next, a little yardage found at goodwill.

Nautical themed. Pic seems a little blurry to me but I love the colors of this fabric and couldn't pass it up. (Plus around 2 yards for $1.99 uncut? Love it)

And finally, a duvet cover from goodwill for the whopping price of $3.99.

It's hard to tell from this pic but its an all over tie-dye effect. Seems to be a queen size but I have both sides of it since it's essentially a giant pillow case. I am going to do a quilt out of just this fabric. You'll see.

I also picked up some more solid sheets from wal-mart in grey, lime green, turquoise and white to make quilts for our bed. LOTS of sewing to do!

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