Impromptu fabric shopping....

Stopped at Joann's today to pick up some fabric for the binding of this quilt:

Bad picture, and its backed and quilted now.

Picked out this one:

MMM so pretty! Oh what's that you say? This picture is SOOO much better than the last? Well that's because I found an HD OttLite on clearance at Joann's for only $19.97. WOOT ME! You can find one similar here on Amazon.

And THEEEEEEEN.....well I found some really cute fabric. And A thought it was pretty cute too. And I couldn't take my eyes off of it. And it was new. And it ended up in my cart. well you know what happens next. Here is a pretty picture of it with my new light.

Want to see it a little closer?

Little windows with little birdies with little cages.....sigh.....too freaking cute. Now if only I had a pattern picked out for it.......

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