Life got in the way of my blog. Big surprise there. Not sure why I even started one but maybe I can try once again to keep up with it.

Let's see. What's new.

L turned 2 in May and is too smart for her own good. She's been potty trained for 2 months already, knows how to count to 30, can identify half the alphabet, knows 7 or 8 presidents, knows all of her colors, etc. I've run out of things to teach her and we are considering 2 days a week in preschool to give her the interaction with other kids her age.

We are just finishing up moving into a 1 bedroom tiny apartment (long story, way to long for the blog) and are really enjoying it. We had to downsize big time (and still could get rid of more) but its nice being close, having all of L's toys in her room and living in Mesa rather than B.F.E. aka Queen Creek.

A is just about finished with his first semester of college to become a massage therapist. Boy, am I loving the benefits of that! I'm so proud of him for taking the leap and going back to school, even if this isn't what he will do the rest of his life. He's amazing.

I will start school in February at the community college to start some classes towards my Associates of Science. After that, right now my goal is nursing and then to become a nurse midwife. I adored the midwife program I had when I was pregnant with L and would love to be a part of something like that.

In crafty news, quilting has taken over. I knit here and there but have been sewing more than anything. I enjoy the instant gratification of quilting. I feel like I accomplish way more in a shorter amount of time. And this is turning into making things other than quilts. Up next, some dresses for L, purses, knitting needle rolls, etc. Love it. I received a huge stash of scrap fabric from a friend of the family after she passed away and I love matching things up and creating something awesome. I need to post lots of pics of all kinds of things and I will once we are unpacked. For now I leave you with a pic of my 2 favorite projects. One finished (the quilt) and the other a long way to go! (L) She adores her Wubbzy blankie and it goes everywhere with us.

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