Quilting Videos

Check out these videos over on the Piece N Quilt blog. She is machine quilting in a spiral pattern and it looks so EASY and has gorgeous results! Makes me want a long arm SOOOO FREAKING BAD! Even if I could find someone that had one that would let me try it and quilt for a while. Seriously I would work for them for free!!!

This post brought to you by entirely too much excitement in form of caps and exclamation points.


  1. Ah, thanks for linking! The long arm is really fun! :)

  2. You should check with some local quilt stores - there's one store near me that rents their long-arm machines. The first time I used it, I had to take a class to learn how it works, and the rental fee isn't cheap (I think it's $20-25 an hour), but I've done two quilts that way and it's a lot of fun. Only takes a few hours to complete a baby quilt!