WIP issues.....

I have startitis. I don't want to work on the projects I have going. Well, mainly because I don't necessarily have everything I need to FINISH them.

For example, my Circle Around quilt (from Jaybird Quilts/Quilts and More Summer 2010) is in the final stages of assembling the top. Just need to piece a couple of rows, then sew the rows together. Been working on it lots the last couple of days. But I know I still need to get the batting, backing, and binding fabric so I'm stalling finishing it because I KNOW once I finish the top I will want to finish the whole thing in record time and quilt the crap out of it. So I stall on the top.

Then, remember in the previous post how I got fabric for the binding of a quilt that has been backed and quilted for some time? Well, I need to wash the binding fabric and cut and sew the binding. THEN IT'S DONE! But I feel too sick to go to the laundry room and wash it (to be fair, we don't have laundry in our apartment. I would have to walk outside in 103 degree heat to get to the laundry room which is probably about 115 degrees inside. Not fun when you are sick!!!)

Then, I have a quilt that I am making out of solid colored sheets for our bed that is super easy straight sewing then cutting and super easy straight sewing again. Should be perfect for sick crafting right? I just get bored too easily with it.

Then, I see wonderful projects that I want to start but lose attention span before I even get the fabric gathered. Like these:

This one can be found at Oh, Fransson!

And this one is at Red Pepper Quilts

AND THEN......well I found a free pattern for an Amy Butler bag that is TO DIE FOR!

You can get the info on how to get the pattern over at Sew, Mama, Sew!

And we won't even talk about everything I SHOULD be doing instead, like unpacking and cleaning our apartment, taking the dog for a much needed walk, and playing with L. I can't wait for this darn head cold to GO AWAY!!! Also, apparently being sick means it's okay to entirely overuse the word "THEN" inappropriately. Grammar be damned. Sniffle Sniffle Sneeze.


  1. Ok, this is gonna sound really dumb... but while I've used sheets as backing many times before, I've never actually thought about cutting them into strips and using them to make a top out of... how the hell do you cut strips out of long sheets? What size (twin? full? queen? king? cal king?). I mean, it sounds like a kickass idea to me, so I'm really freakin' curious. :D

  2. Steampunk: I fold and fold and fold again. Make the top of the sheet match the bottom and keep folding until its a manageable size. Then cut away. You want to pay special attention to the folds and really try to line them up so that your cut is as straight as possible. My LSG quilt blocks are made up of mostly sheet material. For those I just hacked a chunk off and cut that piece into smaller random sized pieces. Its a blend fabric but really soft and doesn't pill at all. I love it! And they are super cheap at Wal-Mart or Target (Target's are a little bit better quality and a little bit more but still cheap)