ABQ Love

We've been reminiscing lately about our short time in Albuquerque. You can ask any of the friends we made while there. We hated it. We complained constantly about living there. And since we've left, we've missed it so much. There are still things about ABQ we don't like, but we miss our friends, the community, the quirkyness (I like to call it Austin-lite) and the atmosphere. Most of all, we miss living in a LGBT friendly, democratic state.

Honestly, our first choice would be to live in Portland, OR but realistically we can't afford Portland. I'm beginning to think moving back to Albuquerque would be a nice 2nd choice. We will be visiting soon but until then, a pic of one of my favorite stores in Nob Hill, Masks y Mas.

ETA: I forgot some things about ABQ. It's where A and I were married. It's also where we conceived and had L. Very special memories in ABQ including showing our friends ultrasound pics and the entire table saying "AWWWW LABIA!"

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