Slow crafting ahead.....

Not much to update. I haven't made ANY progress on any of my quilts.
I did finish a quilt block for the block bee I'm in on Ravelry. Sawtooth for your enjoyment

I do know after making this block I will NEVER do an entire quilt in this pattern. Too fiddly.

I've been knitting a lot more recently. I finished a Juneberry Shawl. It's a Jared Flood pattern that is supposed to be pretty difficult. It took me a bit to catch on but once I understood what was going on, everything was fine. Definitely a pattern you have to pay attention too while knitting! Once I finished it, I felt like I was missing something. Even though I have a gazillion other projects I could be working on. So I started my next shawl. It's called Batik. This one is worked bottom up in fingering weight so I had to cast on 363 stitches. But the further along I get, the faster it will go! I hand dyed the yarn for this project and I love the way it came out!

I will definitely be dying yarn for projects in the future! LOVE!

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