A Glimpse into my World

A quick picture of my craft corner. Back in September we moved into a tiny 1 bedroom apartment so that we can start eventually saving money to get out of Arizona.

Since we've been here I've rearranged a few times and we are finally starting to get settled in. We have L and all of her toys in the bedroom. Instead of a couch in the living room we have our bed. In the dining room/kitchen we have our small pub table that the sides fold down on, my craft area, and our chest freezer.

It's a little cramped but it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. The key is to keep EVERYTHING cleaned up at all times (this never happens here!) because nothing is in a room you can just close the door on and ignore for a few days like in our big house.

Anyways, here it is. My sewing/craft area.
I'm always interested in what's in other peoples' craft areas so I will explain mine a bit. On the wall on the right is a vintage rigid heddle loom that my mom had as a kid from the Sears Roebuck catalog. I will be learning how to weave on this very soon. Beneath that is my portable ironing board, buttons knitting needles etc. You can see my small desk Ottlite glaring at you. My machine and rotary cutting mat. This is all on a table from Ikea that folds down to the size of the little shelf you see underneath. I never fold it because it gets used too much and there is lots of storage underneath. You can see my thread and rulers/templates hanging on the wall and some plastic drawers with current projects in them. on the other side of the drawers is our chest freezer. I keep my yarn swift on here to wind yarn into cakes when needed. My dad made it for me and its a table top one instead of an umbrella swift. I need to figure out how to store it but for now it lives on the freezer.

There is also a hallway closet that I store some of the yarn and some fabric that fits. Once its more organized I will post a pic of that too. I'm getting good (or at least I think I am) at making the most of small places. It's cluttered but functional. It's starting to feel homey. Now I just wish it was on the 1st floor instead of the 2nd, and I wish our neighbor wasn't an escort. That's right. You read right. She's an escort that "entertains" in her apartment. We share the stairs with her. When she's busy, there is no sleep for us. Someday she might get evicted. We'll see.

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